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We needs volunteers

CEFASE needs volunteers who have skills in:

- Marketing for the promotion of products
- Community health (doctors and nurses)
- Community development in the rural areas
- Social workers, psychologists and psychiatrics for mental health, elderly, distress persons.
- Environmental issues (to help villagers in farming and preserving the environment at the same time)
- Building capacities in leadership and team work
- Sewing, computer courses, hairdressing and esthetical care in the CEFASE training centre
- Working with children in hand work, drawing, animation, drama, poems writing
- Teaching women and children English or French in the centre or at home.

The next step was Limbe at “Same Beach Hôtel”. After Limbe; the trip continued to where Ann met Doctor Khumbah Vivien, of Health Care International. Unfortunately, the trip to villages where Doctor Khumbah works was impossible because of the bad state of the roads during the rainy season.

Once at Ernest Chi Cho house’s, Mr Njomo once of his colleague took Celestine and Ann to Radio Equinoxe where the later had an interview. Ann promised sending them volunteers. Ann was supposed to leave Cameroon on the 31st August 2008, but due to unforeseen circumstances at the airport, she finally left on the 1st September late in the night.

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